[center] [img][/img] [img][/img] [font=Trebuchet MS] [size=5]Welcome to the Ideas Hub! The Ideas Hub is a place where you can submit, discuss, and show your ideas for new kits, games, or anything else you think could be improved![/size][/center] [size=7][b]Who Runs it?[/b][/size][font=Trebuchet MS] [font=Trebuchet MS]The ideas hub is currently managed by our [u]Community Management[/u] team, as well as the [u]Ideas Team[/u]! Both of which look over your thread, and bring it to the appropriate places. From there, more people view it all the way up to Mineplex's [u]Production Team[/u] who either accept, or reject the suggestion. [font=Trebuchet MS][size=7][b]Submitting Your Ideas[/b][/size] The ideas hub has four sections, each with their own purpose! Be sure to categorize your suggestions with these so that you get the appropriate responses and attentions for your idea! [size=6][u]New Game Discussion[/size][font=Trebuchet MS] The new Game Discussion section is the place where you should be getting feedback on your game ideas! To make an effective game for us to look at, it's important to have a couple really important things - Game Title - Detailed Description of all aspects of the game - Suggestions for any kits that should be available. The more kits & detail the better. - (OPTIONAL) Any graphics for a possible first map, or map submission for this game. [size=6][u]New Kit Discussion[/size][font=Trebuchet MS] Are you really passionate about a game but think it could use a new kit? This is the perfect place for you! This area can be utilized to give exposure to your idea as well as get the community's feedback on it! There are a couple of things you should always remember to include! - Kit Title - Game Applicable to Kit - Very detailed description of the kit as well as any possible [b]durations[/b] or [b]values[/b] that go along with it. [size=6][u]Random Ideas Discussion[/size][font=Trebuchet MS] Contrary to what you might believe, this section is less for random ideas but more for well formulated ideas that do not fit into the other two categories! They should still be developed ideas, but this area is a bit more loose. Once again, there are some things that even the Random Ideas Discussion threads should have! - Title of Idea - Game (If Applicable) - Detailed description of the idea - Any suggestions for numerical values for things. (Ex: The MPS should close after [u]22 minutes[/u] of inactivity! [size=6][u]Idea Submission (CLOSED)[/size][font=Trebuchet MS] The Idea Submission section is currently closed. If it is ever re-opened, more information will be available. However, currently it is not needed, since the Ideas Team is in place to collect ideas amongst the other 3 sections! The original purpose of this sub-section was to submit ideas to be directly looked at, but that happens through the other sub-sections at the moment anyways. [size=7][b]Examples of Good and Bad Idea Submissions[/b][/size][font=Trebuchet MS] We thought it might be beneficial to give you guys an idea of what's a good thread and what isn't. Hope you enjoy! [spoiler=Good Idea] [url=][img][/img] [color=#ddd123][b]Click the image to be warped to the full thread![/b][/color][/url] [i]This is a good idea because it is highly detailed, includes the numerical values required for the development team to implement it, includes the intended game mode for the change, and is formatted properly. [b]A good idea can still be denied if it follows the guidelines because of development issues.[/b][/i] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Bad Idea][img][/img] [b][color=#dd2423]You cannot be warped to this thread as it never existed. Sorry![/color][/b] [i]This would be a bad idea submission for a couple of reasons! It does not conform to the guidelines given, does not give any sort of in-depth detail as to the idea, and is clearly a troll post. [/spoiler] [center][img][/img][/center][font=Trebuchet MS] [size=7][b]What is the Ideas Team?[/b][/size][font=Trebuchet MS] The ideas team is a Mineplex sub-team (With no forum tag currently) that bridges the link between the community and Mineplex's production team! It focuses on collecting ideas from the Ideas Hub, and bringing them through an extensive process to be looked over by many people! Step 1: You! You submit your idea here! Step 2: Ideas Members reply to the thread! Step 3: Ideas Members copy your idea onto a super secret Trello board where we secretly discuss it. Step 4: The Idea is either accepted or rejected by the [u]Production Team[/u] or [u]Ideas Management[/u]. Step 5: The idea is critiqued and brought to the development team. They may reject it if it is not possible to do. Step 6: The idea is developed, then implemented! This system insures that everyone is able to contribute to Mineplex, and is really easy for everyone to manage! [size=7][b]Ideas Hub FAQ[/b][/size][font=Trebuchet MS] Hey! We thought it might be useful to create a Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) section in the thread, to answer any to all of your lingering questions about the Ideas Team and the Ideas Hub! [size=5][u]My idea was rejected unfairly. Who can I contact to get more information?[/size][font=Trebuchet MS] If you want more information on your rejection, please message the person who rejected your submission. If that person is no longer a staff member, message any other member on this project. [size=5][u]This Ideas Team thing sounds cool! Where do I apply already!?[/size][font=Trebuchet MS] I'm glad you're so enthusiastic and interested in the Ideas Team! Applications are currently open to the public [url=]here![/url] We really hope you apply, and can't wait to see you on the team! [size=5][u]The NSA is watching... How do I know who's an Ideas Team member and who's a spy!?![/size][font=Trebuchet MS] Great question! It's always important to fend off those aliens! After you get your tinfoil hats on, you should probably go ahead and check out the [url=]Ideas Team[/url] members as well! We're all the way at the bottom, best for last... right? [center][img][/img]