Do you want a profile picture that will leave everyone in awe? Reply to this post! I am currently making "Divinity Shield Profile Pictures" for anyone whom asks. This in part with an effort to promote!

Just comment your IGN & I'll make one for you! (FREE)

Includes: Your Character + Divinity Shield, NO LOGOS!


If you agree to add the logo you will be given a pre-beta access pass to the server in which you will not need to buy a rank or spend money at all. Also, post the following on your wall

[user]10917499[/user] is giving away cool profile pictures on, check out their discord server to get updated on their server status

With the TCC logo:


To be eligible for Beta Access you MUST keep the picture up for 3 days. When given the profile picture with the logo, you will also be given a copy of it without one- for when those 3 days are completed. Enjoy!

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